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Daily Specials -

(all specials are subject to change)


Monday: Hot Club Sub  - Ham, Turkey, Bacon, Swiss and American Cheese all piled on a Hoagie Bun! Topped with Lettuce, Tomato and Honey                                                 Mustard Served with a Side

Tuesday: Taco Quesadilla $6.95 - Loaded Tots $7.25 - Meat & Potato Burrito $7.95 - $1 off Taco Salads - Soft Shell Tacos $2.50 each 

Wednesday: Beef Commercial - Full $7.95 or a 1/2 for $5.95

Thursday: Southwest Steak Wrap $9.00 - Diced Steak Tips, Lettuce, Tomato, Southwest Ranch Dressing and Cheese served with a Side

Friday: All you can eat Fish! Served with Crinkle Fries, Coleslaw and Toast for $10.95 - Popcorn Shrimp Basket served with Crinkle Fries, Slaw                        and Toast for $8.75


Weekly Specials -

(subject to change)


Monday - 8 pieces Broasted Chicken & Single Topping Homemade 14" Pizza for $18.99 (carry out only)

Wednesday - Family Pack: 8 pieces of Broasted Chicken, Single Topping 14" Homemade Pizza, Family Sized order of Crinkle Fries, 12oz                                         Coleslaw $24.99 (carry out only)